As part of continuing improvements to the Cold Storage system, DF Studio recently introduced a new “Cooling Status” to storage transfers. This feature stages files that are being moved to Cold Storage in a pending state for a number of days (currently 14) before they fully enter Cold Storage. There are a few key reasons for this change: the cooling status saves our customers time and money, and better aligns with how they really use the application.

We observed that files were often put into Cold Storage prematurely (before they were really ready for long-term storage), and, as a result, were quickly moved back into Active Storage. Because Cold Storage is designed for infrequent moves, users would need to wait 5-8 hours to restore their recently archived files. After deciding this process wasn’t user-friendly enough, we began working on a more flexible solution. Now, with Cooling, pending files are kept in a near-Active state for a couple of weeks so they can be easily restored to Active within minutes, avoiding long wait times and sudden back-and-forth storage transfers.

This feature also helps customers reduce storage costs. Because files in Cooling status aren’t immediately available for download (and must be warmed to Active Storage first), they’re charged at a discounted rate of $.10/GB. Once files are fully transferred into Cold Storage, the even further reduced rate of $.02/GB will kick into effect. From there, the math is simple: once warmed to Active Storage, they’re again billed at the Active Storage rate. If moved back to Cold Storage, they reenter the cooling period before settling into Cold Storage.

We hope that this small change to the storage lifecycle makes the DF Studio experience even easier and more convenient for our customers. Please reach out to us with any questions by emailing DF Studio’s support team.