Each new year presents an opportunity to resolve to do better. And, whether it’s spending more time away from your desk, enjoying more of what you do, or getting organized, DF Studio can help you reach your goals.

This past year, we were able to build new features that simplify work life and encourage creativity: we released 3 major software updates and many smaller point releases, resolving over 50 bugs along the way. These improvements wouldn’t have been possible without feedback from DF Studio users. We are grateful for the insights, suggestions, and questions you’ve shared throughout the year; they’ve helped us fine-tune our features and inspired us to develop new ones, including:

Mobile Messengers

2018 introduced all new mobile-friendly templates for Approval, Custom, and Download Messengers. Photo approvals, edits, and downloads can all be completed from any location on any device or platform. Talent, editors, and publicists have all been thrilled with the results.

Visit the Knowledge Base to learn more about sending Messengers, navigating the Mobile Messenger interface, or completing a mobile Approval Messenger.

Dedicated Approvals User Interface (UI)

In conjunction with mobile Approval Messengers, the Approvals UI has expedited photo approvals workflows for everyone involved in the process. Zero-click status updates and detailed approval history eliminate guesswork and keep information flowing.

Check out the following Knowledge Base articles to learn more about the Approvals UI and to manage and streamline approvals every step of the way.

Visual Screen Protection (VSP)

For anyone who sometimes needs to work from a public place, VSP is a must: it inhibits unauthorized “over-the-shoulder” access from passersby; that is, photographing previews in DF Studio and sending or circulating them. Toggling VSP mode displays text over image previews, including the account name, date, and an ID token associated with the user. VSP is an easy way for users to ensure that sensitive content remains as protected as possible.

Click the link to learn more about how and when to use VSP.

Manage Metadata Terms

Metadata Terms empower accounts to control the metadata vocabulary used in a Project, folder, or even the entire Library. They can be used to prevent typos, safeguard against misspellings, or to set parameters for the words and phrases that metadata editors can use. It’s tremendously helpful for maintaining a clean, consistent metadata record, and we encourage every account to take advantage of it.

Find out more about managing metadata terms and adopting them into metadata editing workflows from the Knowledge Base.

Import Metadata from a .CSV File

CSV files with metadata can be uploaded for any group of files. Our system will match and assign this metadata to the files’ proper fields. Need to update metadata for a batch of files? Use the .CSV workflow: export the files’ metadata as a .CSV, edit as necessary, and import the new file. This process will automate bulk metadata editing, save hours of time and prevent messy errors.

Learn how to import and export metadata using CSV files.

Bug Fixes

Over 50 bugs in DF Studio have been resolved in point releases last year, along with many improvements in performance, speed, and reliability. Insights from you, our clients and DF Studio experts, is especially helpful at finding and addressing these bugs.

We encourage you to reach out with any feedback or ideas about how DF Studio can continue to support your work, and we resolve to keep listening — and improving — in 2019.