File Delivery


Messengers send any number of files without attachments, hard drives, or upload servers. All Messengers are delivered through lightweight, secure links with adjustable expiration dates. They’re fast, weightless, and can be sent from anywhere.

Click on a link to learn more about Messenger templates and configuration or security options for Messengers from the DF Studio Knowledge Base.

Mobile Messengers

Mobile Messenger workflows closely mirror the experience of DF Studio’s desktop interface, and have been optimized to be intuitive and accessible from any device. Approvals, Edits, Conversations, and file downloads are all available features in mobile Messengers.

Learn more about navigating and completing Mobile Messengers from the DF Studio Knowledge Base.

Download Messenger

Download Messengers let senders specify the exact files and formats that are available for recipients to download. Send large previews, 1:1 pixel ratio JPEGs, or original files, depending on your precise requirements.

Click on the link to visit the DF Studio Knowledge Base and learn more about Download Messengers.

Metadata Messenger

Metadata Messengers allow users to securely send files to third-party editors for metadata writing and editing. Metadata Messengers offer a smart, intuitive interface for searching, filtering, and editing even the largest batches of files.

Click on the link to learn more about Metadata Messengers from the DF Studio Knowledge Base.

View-Only Messenger

View-Only Messengers allow recipients to see files without any added privileges.

LIVE Messenger

With each LIVE Messenger, recipients are notified of updates and can view added images as they’re uploaded. They’re essential for live events or social media stories, where every second counts.

Click on the link to learn more about real-time collaboration using LIVE Messengers. 


Multi-Messengers streamline delivering multiple Projects or Collections into one easy, sendable communication.

Click on the link to learn more about Multi-Messengers from the DF Studio Knowledge Base.


Each Messenger can be customized to enable Comments, Edits, Captions, and forwarding, and more. Parameters for image size can also be set.

2 Click Resend

Resend any Messenger to previous or new recipients in 2 clicks.

Learn more about resending and viewing Messengers.