User & Team Management

User-Based Permissions

Account administrators can set base permissions based on their Users’ roles and workflows. Available permissions include the rights to upload, view, download, send, organize and edit files — with options to further extend or restrict permissions for individual Library items.

Learn more about controlling access with permissions from the DF Studio Knowledge Base.

Dynamic Library View

In the name of comprehensive security, we go further than simply informing a User when a requested action is denied. Users’ entire Libraries only show the items they have access to view, and menus in the interface only display the actions available to a User on a given Library item.

Team Settings

Account administrators can easily create groups of Users, or Teams, and assign Teams privileges for individual Library items. To keep content secure, Teams do not affect their Users’ base permissions.

Learn more about grouping Users into Teams from the DF Studio Knowledge Base.

Owner Control Privileges

In addition to Account Administrators, the Owner(s) of any Library item (Project, Collection, folder, or individual asset) may set permissions for other account Users based on their roles and workflows. Our permissions model makes it easy for Users without the access they require to request privileges from Owners.